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  • Genetics: original Skunk # 1 x Afgani Indica
  • Genotype: Dominant Indica
  • Manufacturer: 4:20 Seeds
  • Height: 60-80 cm
  • THC: 22-25%
  • Productivity: 450-700 g / m2
  • Flowering period: 60-70 days

Price for 10 seeds: 49.99$


The loud name of the LSD variety is not a marketing ploy, this genotype really stands out from the rest of the hybrids. This strain was first developed by Barney’s Farm. Its parental strains are world famous as examples of classic marijuana and, strictly speaking, deserve a separate article, but we will describe them only briefly:

  • Skunk # 1 is the first Dutch hybrid created back in 1978. Skunk # 1 pedigree consists of Mexican and Colombian sativas, which were weighted with Afghan indica. Although 40 years have passed, Skunk is still considered one of the strongest cannabis strains in terms of effect.
  • Mazar is a fragrant, stunningly resinous indica from the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Mazar is famous for its almost complete plant identity. It is also an ideal base for making hashish. 


The effect lasts about 2-3 hours. Although the action is highly individual, the common characteristic of these cedar-flavored inflorescences is the stimulation of brain activity. The first 30-50 minutes, most users note some revival and thirst for activity, communication. So the initial wave of a LSD trip is to increase your concentration. What’s next?

The next hour and a half is almost always marked by a strong relaxation of the muscles. This is an hour of silence: people tend to withdraw into themselves and often, if the situation is favorable, they rethink many issues of their lives. Before consuming such powerful cones, it is recommended to turn off your phone and take a location where you are not threatened by the appearance of sober people in front of whom you would have to pretend to be one of them.


This hybrid, like yin and yang, combines the best of indica and sativa. Psychological problems such as panic disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder and depressive-manic disorder cannot always be cured, but cannabis LSD can definitely help.

The strain is also effective against headache, postoperative pain. Reduces blood pressure, helps to tolerate heat more easily, relieves nausea and helps to fall asleep. Relaxing properties of LSD eliminate muscle spasms, cramps, hypertonicity. Significantly improves the condition of people suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis. 



  • Genotype: 100% Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 130-180 cm
  • THC: 18-20%
  • Productivity: 400-600 g c m²
  • Flowering period: 55-60 days

Price for 10 seeds: 59.99$


Afghanistan Lights cannabis seeds carry pure indica genes from the Afghan part of the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is an incredibly potent strain with medicinal properties. He begins to treat depression already with his appearance – the eyes are enchanted by leaves of a dark green color with a purple tint and large cones covered with a scattering of resin crystals! The control shot remains at 20% THC, which from one bong will put even the strongest stoner onto the sofa. Outdoors, Afghanistan Lights can grow up to 180 cm in height. When cultivated in a grow box, this mark is slightly lower – 1.3 meters. They produce a moderate number of branches with long internodes, so that the lower inflorescences get enough light. The variety tolerates drought without any problems, quickly moves away from overflow and excess fertilization, so even a novice grower can easily carry out a crop cycle indoors. Plants respond well to feeding and training. For example, the use of the LST technique will not only make it easier to control the growth of greenery, but will also allow you to achieve excellent results – up to 600 grams per square meter! Raw buds instantly fill the space with the persistent, pungent smell of hash that is found in most indicas. After drying and curing, the aroma becomes more intense, revealing woody-nutty notes. It sticks in the nose for a long time, especially if you smell freshly broken inflorescences. The sensations are so impressive that a pleasant shiver runs through the body, leaving millions of goose bumps! The smoke is dense and tart, knits the tongue. Due to the strong resinousness on exhalation, you will have to cough hard. At first, the herbaceous taste is a little pungent, but later, when the mouth dries up, it explodes with spicy undertones without any bitterness. The effect comes quickly – after just 10 minutes, the eyelids will become heavier, and the body will be filled with warmth and relaxation. The variety is ideal for evening walks. It leaves strength for movement, while slowing down time to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. It will be especially valuable for people suffering from panic attacks and post-traumatic syndrome. The smoke calms the nerves, relieves stress and tension.



  • Genotype: Dominant Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 80-120 cm
  • THC: 18-20%
  • Productivity: 350-550 g / m2
  • Flowering period: 55-65 days

Price for 10 seeds: 69.99$


If you love sweet indica that blooms quickly and has a stunning effect, then appreciate this compact and beautiful flower – Auto Candy from Divine Seeds. The strain has Jamaican roots, so it is also suitable for lovers of exotic cannabis.

 The characteristic feature of the variety is its sweet taste and smell. It is so bright that it even resembles burnt sugar when making confectionery. And also this variety can compete in its unpretentiousness with the famous Lowrider. There are cases when Auto Candy was successfully grown even on a windowsill! In general, the variety is a godsend for both novice growers and advanced gardeners who, for some reason, decided to pamper themselves with sweet sweets or even set up a whole candy production!


Auto Candy has over 20% THC, if you did everything right and brought the trichomes “to amber”, and given the fact that this is still an indica, albeit sweet, then this candy can be quite good to put on, especially on a fresh head. But in general – a very soft and pleasant grass, without much creep. Suitable for smoking with the weaker half. By the way, the variety is popular among girls for its taste.


Blooming cannabis and ready-made Auto Candy buds have a very pleasant smell of flower nectar, ripe fruit and honey. Without a doubt, this flower will be a decoration for any garden.



  • Genetics: Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 45-65 cm
  • THC: 19-21%
  • Productivity: 400 g / m²
  • Flowering period: 59-60 days

Price for 10 seeds: 69.99$

The Hindu Kush genotype is known as a model of powerful indica from the Middle East, its name comes from the mountain range of the same name on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Divine Seeds breeders treated the development of their own autoflowering version of Hindu Kush with great respect: instead of the usual crossing with some ruderalis, the variety was combined with Lowryder (to impart autoflowering properties), and also added Master Kush genes – this increased the resinousness and fertility of the new autoflowering. The resulting variety is striking in strength and stickiness!


The new autoflowering hybrid has been tested in Canadian outdoor conditions as well as in Devine Seeds grow rooms. The results exceeded expectations: Auto Hindu Kush not only easily endured heat and minor mistakes in care (breeders specially tested the reaction to stress), took root in any kind of soil and substrate – the amount of resin on these stakes often exceeded the indicators of the original Hindu Kush! True, to get really high-quality results, conditions were required close to ideal. Massive colas the size of a baby’s head bent the stem in some cases, but fortunately, this variety is endowed with a fairly powerful stem. Outdoors, the early maturing Auto Hindu Kush was ready for harvest at the end of August.


Almost pure indica, almost entirely composed of resin – Auto Hindu Kush literally glues the user to the present moment, clearing unnecessary thoughts from the head like a powerful flamethrower. Strong relaxation of the muscles makes the muscles much more flexible (convenient for stretching) and makes communication difficult, and also increases your personal gravity – getting off the couch under Auto Hindu Kush is a little easier than if your body suddenly began to weigh half a ton! The medical value of this strong and CBD-rich indica is hard to overestimate: muscle spasms and cramps, muscle hypertonicity, irritability and insomnia, chronic stress, postoperative pain and epileptic seizures can be overcome with Auto Hindu Kush. Eliminates nausea. The effect lasts up to 2.5 hours.



  • Genotype: Sativa / Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 130-180 cm
  • THC: 18-24%
  • Productivity: 350-550 g c m²
  • Flowering period: 49-63 days

Price for 10 seeds: 59.99$


Over the entire period of the store’s operation, more than 70% of buyers have re-ordered AK-48 hemp seeds! It is the most fun and active marijuana strain available in our region. Amid the widespread availability of indica and the lack of strength of popular sativas, Forty-Eighth has confidently taken a place in the hearts of lovers of invigorating and creative varieties. It is chosen by artists, musicians, dancers and just those who are tired of sticking. If you are not familiar with this variety yet – now is the time to fix it!

With a flowering period of less than 50 days, AK-48 cannabis seeds are ideal for outdoor use in the CIS latitudes. Plants have time to ripen before the onset of cold weather and the rainy season, which has a positive effect on the quality of the crop. However, the best results can only be achieved in a grow box. 

The height of the bushes ranges from 130-180 cm. Indoors it is easy to adjust the volume of the pot and trimming. The variety responds excellently to FiM and Mainlining, bringing in the total yield more than the declared 400-500 g / m2. If the grower is worried about cutting the growing bush, then SCRoG will help to collect more buds.

The bold plus of this strain is its moderate odor. The bush does not burn its presence on the street, and when cultivated indoors, a homemade charcoal filter will be enough. In general, plants are unpretentious, they easily forgive droughts and overflows, and the main danger for them is mold, so you should carefully monitor the humidity of the air.

The product comes out gummy and odorous! It’s hard not to fall in love with the refreshing, citrus-coniferous smell of the harvested fruits. It sticks to the inside of the nose for a long time, especially if you sniff a freshly crushed lump. In the aroma, the acidity and sweetness of grapefruit is clearly felt, with subtle woody notes of pine.

Smoke of Forty-eighth is sweet and sour. After a while, he knits his tongue. The effect appears within 5 minutes, increasing within half an hour. With adequate dosages, the mood will noticeably improve: a feeling of euphoria will appear, sociability will be activated, and witty jokes will visit your head. Depending on the company, you may want to dance, but you will definitely want to take a walk! If you take too much – sweet dreams on your couch, because 24% THC is no joke!

This strain is recommended for everyone who has caught the strong sadness of depression and is working on their charisma. It also perfectly stimulates appetite and relieves nausea, which is very important for people undergoing chemotherapy.



  • Genotype: Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 160-200 cm
  • THC: 18-21%
  • Productivity: 400-600 g c m²
  • Flowering period: 58-62 days

Price for 10 seeds: 69.99$


Afghan Original cannabis seeds are produced in Canada by Divine Seeds. This variety is one of the best indica varieties ever! Its genetics are rooted in the mountains of Afghanistan, the region from which the indica cannabis species originates. The variety attracted the attention of breeders, due to its innate resistance to temperature extremes, prolonged droughts and mold with other fungi. Now Afghan Original genes are often found in indica hybrids, among which there are Canna Cup winners! This is a great choice if you are looking for quality Afghani seeds!

Heavy branching is often a major problem for novice growers. Insufficient illumination of the lower zones of the plant leads to a decrease in yield, but the use of the SCRoG technique turns this minus into a fat plus! Thanks to the correct distribution of light, even the stunted branches can form massive inflorescences, increasing the total yield to 600 grams per sq. meters.

Outdoors, mature plants grow up to two meters, and when cultivated indoors, their growth rarely exceeds 160 cm.The bushes bloom for about 60 days, during which the grower has to fight a strong hash smell, especially in the last weeks of the cycle. Sugar pots come out hard and so sticky to the touch that you stick your fingers together with effort! The same feeling when you realize that the harvest will kill!

The raw Afghan buds of the Original smell almost the same as hashish. Their spicy aroma gives off a pungency with hints of damp earth. After drying, the spice smell intensifies, becoming more pungent and persistent. Full disclosure of the palette occurs after grinding the product.

Subject to the rules of drying, the smoke does not tear the throat, but noticeably sticks the lungs together as you exhale. It explodes in the mouth with a refreshing herbal flavor and becomes even more pronounced over time.

The effect of cones is insidious – the effect appears after 10-15 minutes, so you can easily take more than you need. The effect lasts more than 3 hours. It immediately deeply relaxes the body and brings a dose of psychedelia. The general background is characterized by dry mouth and eyes, as well as a pleasant feeling of peace. Afghan Original is able to relieve pain, spasms and nerve clamps. At the exit, a strong feeling of hunger appears, after satisfying which you will certainly want to sleep.



  • Genetics: Skunk x Hawaii x TrainWreck x Ruderalis
  • Manufacturer: 420 seeds
  • Height: 90-140 cm
  • THC: 18-20%
  • Productivity: 450-850 g / m2
  • Flowering period: 55-65 days

Price for 10 seeds: 89.99$


Having appeared relatively recently, when compared with the old genetics, the Pineapple Express cannabis immediately conquered the minds, hearts and grow boxes of millions around the world. Firstly, it is a very tasty and sweet exotic strain that tastes like pineapple, as you might guess from the name. Secondly, surprisingly, this fruit also resembles the cannabis cones Pineapple Express – huge and oval, studded with green leaves and dark brown stigmas! Finally, this herb is famous for its power and lethality! Now you can buy  Pineapple Express cannabis seeds in our store. 


Pineapple Express takes you quickly, far and for a long time. The effect is instant, the station of consciousness disappears rapidly, and the narcotic trip will last for hours and hours. Traveling on the Pineapple Express is a long pleasure and full of unexpected turns, because the effect of the Pineapple Express is multifaceted.

Pineapple on the road

Smoking Pineapple Express is a sensual pleasure for gourmets and ordinary smokers alike. The sweetness of tropical fruits with tart notes and a slight sourness of pineapple. This marijuana is one of the tastiest varietal cannabis in history.



  • Genetics: Sativa / Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 130-160 cm
  • THC: 18-19%
  • Flowering period: 65-70 days

Price for 10 seeds: 49.99$

The famous White Widow will hardly ever leave the honorary post of Amsterdam’s most sought-after sativa. Divine Seeds offers this unique genetic bouquet of South Indian indica and Brazilian sativa (with a predominance of the latter) in a feminized version, completely original. Authenticity is confirmed by both the white bloom of trichomes on the stakes of ripening plants, and the classic smell with a slight ammonia tint. Collectible cannabis seeds White Widow are an example of the world’s elite breeding technologies and are protected by a guarantee of viability when purchased in their original packaging.


Unlike most sativa varieties, White Widow is more resistant, and the mother plants fully confirmed the expected during seed production: the artificial stress brought to some prototypes for testing purposes had almost no effect on the yield and aroma of cannabis. The shape of the plants cannot be called wide or squat, but when the appropriate conditions are created, the bushes willingly branched, thereby significantly increasing productivity. Decorated with orange stamens and a grayish layer of trichomes, White Widow mothers proved the authenticity and high quality of the seeds with their beautiful appearance.


Pleasant stimulation is combined with light relaxation, vigorous cerebral high prevails here, instantly driving away sleep and fatigue. White Widow is a mild antidepressant and aphrodisiac and is also the number one variety for any outdoor activity. Medicinally, it may be indicated to combat nausea and ADD. 



  • Genetics: Hemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush
  • Genotype: Dominant Indica
  • Manufacturer: Barney’s Farm
  • Height: 90-160 cm
  • THC: 17-19%
  • Productivity: 350-650 g / m2
  • Flowering period: 45-55 days

Price for 10 seeds: 69.99$


OG Kush indica is one of the most sought-after cannabis varieties in the world, and new hybrids and remakes are being created on its basis. The popularity of OG Kush among medical and recreational users, as well as professional growers and gourmets, is explained by the exceptional performance of this rare strain: “greasy” amount of resin, the signature fuel shade in the scent (inherited from Chemdawg) and the killer stone effect. OG Kush from the renowned Dutch seedbank Barney’s Farm is able to pleasantly surprise the most demanding enthusiast!


The mothers from whom these seeds of OJ Kush were taken had a branched and strong structure that allowed them to hold the weight of massive stakes. The plants perfectly adapted to indoor and outdoor conditions, thanks to Pakistani genetics (from Hindu Kush) they tolerated hot weather well, showed a rather lush yield level (on average 350 – 500 g per plant). The scent of OG Kush is quite intense and, in addition to the basic earthy tone and fuel tones, it also has a slight citrus flavor. In the open field, the plants matured by mid to late September.


These dense inflorescences are impressive not only in appearance, their smell clearly speaks of a powerful effect, and when smoking, it occurs in 4-5 minutes, enveloping the brain in a dense fog. Helps to cope with hot days and evenings easier, relieves headaches and muscle tension, eliminates insomnia and nausea, stimulates appetite. This effect is most pleasant in the evening, alone or in a quiet company. A small fraction of the sativa genes encourages concentration – some musicians like to retire to the studio with a bong, OG Kush and an instrument. The effect lasts up to 2 hours.



  • Genotype: 70% Indica
  • Manufacturer: 4:20 Seeds
  • Height: 130-210 cm
  • THC: 18-22%
  • Productivity: 600-700 g c m²
  • Flowering period: 70-77 days

Price for 10 seeds: 49.99$


Dutch Seedbank 4:20 Seeds has developed a new Indica-dominated version of the famous Amnesia Haze. Nevertheless, the variety is endowed with expressive sativa traits – both in appearance and in joyful effect. Genetically, Amnesia Hayes goes back to Afghan Indica and Thai, Hawaiian, Mexican and Colombian sativas. Due to the increase in “individuality”, the strain became more productive and significantly increased the amount of resin.


A series of tests in the conditions of 4:20 grow rooms and greenhouses in the suburbs of Amsterdam showed: Amnesia Haze fully corresponds to the main qualities of this genotype in the shape of leaves and inflorescences, as well as its smell of tropical fruits (authentic terpene profile). The structure turned out to be somewhat branchy, which allowed breeders to produce a much larger crop compared to the sativa dominant phenotypes of Amnesia Hayes. Strong odor on bloom. Quite massive colas – sometimes the stem needed a garter. Outdoors, the plants were ready for harvest by early to mid October.


Invigorating drive combined with psychedelic slowdown, rooting here-and-now. Amnesia Haze acts deeply and for a long time, qualitatively relaxes the muscles, switches the mood to contemplative or, conversely, active, depending on what the person is more inclined towards at a particular moment. Relieves fatigue and nervous tension. At parties, it creates an atmosphere of frank conversations, exchange of sympathy. Warms up any dance or music event. Smells like candy – citrus and a little mint. The action lasts up to 2 hours.