• Genotype: 100% Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 130-180 cm
  • THC: 18-20%
  • Productivity: 400-600 g c m²
  • Flowering period: 55-60 days

Price for 10 seeds: 59.99$


Afghanistan Lights cannabis seeds carry pure indica genes from the Afghan part of the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is an incredibly potent strain with medicinal properties. He begins to treat depression already with his appearance – the eyes are enchanted by leaves of a dark green color with a purple tint and large cones covered with a scattering of resin crystals! The control shot remains at 20% THC, which from one bong will put even the strongest stoner onto the sofa. Outdoors, Afghanistan Lights can grow up to 180 cm in height. When cultivated in a grow box, this mark is slightly lower – 1.3 meters. They produce a moderate number of branches with long internodes, so that the lower inflorescences get enough light. The variety tolerates drought without any problems, quickly moves away from overflow and excess fertilization, so even a novice grower can easily carry out a crop cycle indoors. Plants respond well to feeding and training. For example, the use of the LST technique will not only make it easier to control the growth of greenery, but will also allow you to achieve excellent results – up to 600 grams per square meter! Raw buds instantly fill the space with the persistent, pungent smell of hash that is found in most indicas. After drying and curing, the aroma becomes more intense, revealing woody-nutty notes. It sticks in the nose for a long time, especially if you smell freshly broken inflorescences. The sensations are so impressive that a pleasant shiver runs through the body, leaving millions of goose bumps! The smoke is dense and tart, knits the tongue. Due to the strong resinousness on exhalation, you will have to cough hard. At first, the herbaceous taste is a little pungent, but later, when the mouth dries up, it explodes with spicy undertones without any bitterness. The effect comes quickly – after just 10 minutes, the eyelids will become heavier, and the body will be filled with warmth and relaxation. The variety is ideal for evening walks. It leaves strength for movement, while slowing down time to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. It will be especially valuable for people suffering from panic attacks and post-traumatic syndrome. The smoke calms the nerves, relieves stress and tension.

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