• Genotype: Sativa / Indica
  • Manufacturer: Divine Seeds
  • Height: 130-180 cm
  • THC: 18-24%
  • Productivity: 350-550 g c m²
  • Flowering period: 49-63 days

Price for 10 seeds: 59.99$


Over the entire period of the store’s operation, more than 70% of buyers have re-ordered AK-48 hemp seeds! It is the most fun and active marijuana strain available in our region. Amid the widespread availability of indica and the lack of strength of popular sativas, Forty-Eighth has confidently taken a place in the hearts of lovers of invigorating and creative varieties. It is chosen by artists, musicians, dancers and just those who are tired of sticking. If you are not familiar with this variety yet – now is the time to fix it!

With a flowering period of less than 50 days, AK-48 cannabis seeds are ideal for outdoor use in the CIS latitudes. Plants have time to ripen before the onset of cold weather and the rainy season, which has a positive effect on the quality of the crop. However, the best results can only be achieved in a grow box. 

The height of the bushes ranges from 130-180 cm. Indoors it is easy to adjust the volume of the pot and trimming. The variety responds excellently to FiM and Mainlining, bringing in the total yield more than the declared 400-500 g / m2. If the grower is worried about cutting the growing bush, then SCRoG will help to collect more buds.

The bold plus of this strain is its moderate odor. The bush does not burn its presence on the street, and when cultivated indoors, a homemade charcoal filter will be enough. In general, plants are unpretentious, they easily forgive droughts and overflows, and the main danger for them is mold, so you should carefully monitor the humidity of the air.

The product comes out gummy and odorous! It’s hard not to fall in love with the refreshing, citrus-coniferous smell of the harvested fruits. It sticks to the inside of the nose for a long time, especially if you sniff a freshly crushed lump. In the aroma, the acidity and sweetness of grapefruit is clearly felt, with subtle woody notes of pine.

Smoke of Forty-eighth is sweet and sour. After a while, he knits his tongue. The effect appears within 5 minutes, increasing within half an hour. With adequate dosages, the mood will noticeably improve: a feeling of euphoria will appear, sociability will be activated, and witty jokes will visit your head. Depending on the company, you may want to dance, but you will definitely want to take a walk! If you take too much – sweet dreams on your couch, because 24% THC is no joke!

This strain is recommended for everyone who has caught the strong sadness of depression and is working on their charisma. It also perfectly stimulates appetite and relieves nausea, which is very important for people undergoing chemotherapy.

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