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LSD SEEDS Genetics: original Skunk # 1 x Afgani Indica Genotype: Dominant Indica Manufacturer: 4:20 Seeds Height: 60-80 cm THC: 22-25% Productivity: 450-700 g / m2 Flowering period: 60-70 days LSD GRADE The loud name of the LSD variety is not a marketing ploy, this genotype really stands out from the rest of the hybrids. This strain was first developed by Barney’s Farm. Its […]


AFGHANISTAN LIGHTS SEEDS Genotype: 100% Indica Manufacturer: Divine Seeds Height: 130-180 cm THC: 18-20% Productivity: 400-600 g c m² Flowering period: 55-60 days AFGHANISTAN LIGHTS Afghanistan Lights cannabis seeds carry pure indica genes from the Afghan part of the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is an incredibly potent strain with medicinal properties. He begins to treat depression already with his appearance […]


AUTO CANDY SEEDS Genotype: Dominant Indica Manufacturer: Divine Seeds Height: 80-120 cm THC: 18-20% Productivity: 350-550 g / m2 Flowering period: 55-65 days AUTO CANDY – CANDY PRODUCTION If you love sweet indica that blooms quickly and has a stunning effect, then appreciate this compact and beautiful flower – Auto Candy from Divine Seeds. The strain has Jamaican roots, so it is […]


AUTO HINDU KUSH SEEDS Genetics: Indica Manufacturer: Divine Seeds Height: 45-65 cm THC: 19-21% Productivity: 400 g / m² Flowering period: 59-60 days The Hindu Kush genotype is known as a model of powerful indica from the Middle East, its name comes from the mountain range of the same name on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Divine Seeds breeders treated the […]


AK-48 SEEDS Genotype: Sativa / Indica Manufacturer: Divine Seeds Height: 130-180 cm THC: 18-24% Productivity: 350-550 g c m² Flowering period: 49-63 days AK-48 Over the entire period of the store’s operation, more than 70% of buyers have re-ordered AK-48 hemp seeds! It is the most fun and active marijuana strain available in our region. Amid the widespread availability of indica and the […]


AFGHAN ORIGINAL SEEDS Genotype: Indica Manufacturer: Divine Seeds Height: 160-200 cm THC: 18-21% Productivity: 400-600 g c m² Flowering period: 58-62 days AFGHAN ORIGINAL Afghan Original cannabis seeds are produced in Canada by Divine Seeds. This variety is one of the best indica varieties ever! Its genetics are rooted in the mountains of Afghanistan, the region from which the indica cannabis species originates. The […]


PINEAPPLE EXPRESS SEEDS Genetics: Skunk x Hawaii x TrainWreck x Ruderalis Manufacturer: 420 seeds Height: 90-140 cm THC: 18-20% Productivity: 450-850 g / m2 Flowering period: 55-65 days PINEAPPLE EXPRESS – ONE WAY TICKET Having appeared relatively recently, when compared with the old genetics, the Pineapple Express cannabis immediately conquered the minds, hearts and grow boxes of millions around the world. Firstly, […]


WHITE WIDOW SEEDS Genetics: Sativa / Indica Manufacturer: Divine Seeds Height: 130-160 cm THC: 18-19% Flowering period: 65-70 days The famous White Widow will hardly ever leave the honorary post of Amsterdam’s most sought-after sativa. Divine Seeds offers this unique genetic bouquet of South Indian indica and Brazilian sativa (with a predominance of the latter) in a feminized version, completely original. Authenticity […]


OG KUSH SEEDS Genetics: Hemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush Genotype: Dominant Indica Manufacturer: Barney’s Farm Height: 90-160 cm THC: 17-19% Productivity: 350-650 g / m2 Flowering period: 45-55 days OG KUSH OG Kush indica is one of the most sought-after cannabis varieties in the world, and new hybrids and remakes are being created on its basis. The popularity of OG Kush […]


AMNEZIA HAZE SEEDS Genotype: 70% Indica Manufacturer: 4:20 Seeds Height: 130-210 cm THC: 18-22% Productivity: 600-700 g c m² Flowering period: 70-77 days AMNESIA HAZE Dutch Seedbank 4:20 Seeds has developed a new Indica-dominated version of the famous Amnesia Haze. Nevertheless, the variety is endowed with expressive sativa traits – both in appearance and in joyful effect. Genetically, Amnesia Hayes goes back to […]