Feminized Seeds: Are They Good?

Cannabis growers have a large selection of seeds at their disposal. Regular seeds, Feminized Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds and many others. However, the feminized ones solve the most common cannabis-grower problem – that most of them are males.

What is a cannabis male, and how can I avoid growing them? Cannabis plants must be female to produce the famous THC-laden buds that we want. Male marijuana plants don’t have enough THC, CBD or cannabinoids. If we let the males grow, they pollinate our precious females, and they won’t produce any good bud–just seeds (they are mostly used for breeding).

So NEVER buy just pre-feminized or regular seeds because you know most of them will be wasted. Only buy feminized seeds – they’ll give you the best buds possible! In every plant (including cannabis) there’s a sex instinct.

Plants grow male parts if exposed to testosterone and female parts if not exposed to any (or almost none). Because of this fact, most common forms of cloning are useless for cannabis growers. How can I avoid males? You can have many females from just one mother plant .

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are exactly what you’re looking for if you’re cultivating cannabis to enjoy around the house. They have been specifically bred so that two of their sex chromosomes are females instead of the usual one.

This means they produce more flowers and faster flowering cycles, enabling your plant to deliver higher yields than your average plan would. Why Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds? There are many reasons why you should consider buying feminized weed seeds.

One of the key reasons being that there is a huge selection of strains from well-known breeder’s, which are procured from only professional growers for anyone to enjoy. So whether you want to buy cheap feminized seeds or expensive autoflower seeds, let them be yours.

Another reason why you should purchase these spectacular genetically stable flowering marijuana plants is because they will always flower, and they will offer you the most potent weed available, making them a great resource for anyone looking to start a business.

Feminized seeds are regular non-feminized marijuana seeds that have been subjected to a chemical treatment to inhibit their production of cannabis plant hormones. They might also be referred to as hermaphrodite predator or Marigold seeds.

They create female plants that produce a high yield and are ideal for propagation, cloning, and auto-flowering applications. While you may hope to produce massive plants, they do not need much space. If the greenhouse is smaller than it isn’t a concern, but if you have the space to grow large plants than don’t be afraid to try them.

While it’s true that indoor marijuana plants for sale in London can get pretty tall during the flowering stage; It does not mean you won’t get high yields from them like tried and tested germ soldier strains such as Haze.

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These give extraordinary results when cultivated indoors in groups of around 6 – 8. Just make sure that they are separated by at least two weeks to reduce the risk of marijuana cross-pollination. Enjoy with your friends and unlock unlimited new experiences.

Pros and Cons of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds were created to counter the disadvantages of female cannabis plants and to create a more stable supply of marijuana crops. One of the disadvantages female plants have is that they require time (6+ weeks) before they are ready to harvest.

Meanwhile, male plants typically take a much shorter time (3-4 weeks). Some people dislike Feminized Marijuana Seeds because they are not sure if they will produce the same quality marijuana, while others like them because they don’t have to worry about breeding plants that may react badly together.

Pros and Cons of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

More Female plants Outdoors.

By growing female plants outdoors, in a well established garden with very little competition, you can usually produce a very large percentage of female cannabis plants. This is because the plant will be receiving high amounts of light and various other environmental elements that are crucial to flowering within the plant (pollen from male flowers landing on the stigmas).

Female Cannabis Seeds sell for less than Male seeds. Therefore, it’s best to seed your garden in an effort to better control your costs. Feminized cannabis can be advantageous for producers, but lessens the gene pool of high quality, reliable breeding stock.

The females and males switch places in a sense. Females have the advantage of being sweeter with more noticeable aromas. There’s also no worry about male pollen causing plots to fail and ruining your crop as only female plants produce THC resins needed to make seeds viable.

Cannabis male plants begin developing pollen sacs once they have flowered. You should separate male plants from the females before the first sign of male cones, if possible. Male cannabis has little value and is a snap to identify at an early stage.

How to Use Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Your Garden

Feminized cannabis seeds can take a little longer to grow, but they’re definitely worth it. Here are the two main ways that you can use feminized cannabis seeds in your garden:

  • Use as a Straight “Female” Crops
  • Cross-Breeding From Your Current Hermaphrodite Plants

The way you use feminized cannabis seeds will depend on where you live and what local climate zones you’re planting in. Feminized cannabis seeds are similarly priced to regular marijuana seeds. Buy cannabis seeds online if you are interested.

How to Use Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Your Garden

Feminized seeds are the perfect way to grow plants in a short amount of time. If you plan on growing them in your backyard or garden, it is a good idea to go ahead and plant these. You won’t have to worry about males pollinating the females or having to deal with male plants that you want to get rid of.

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Use regular cannabis seeds even if you have a female plant. What I really liked about the feminized weed seeds is that they are available in a large amount of strains to choose from. Shop for these kind of seeds when you are ready to fill your grow room up with buds.

If you have access to an agricultural warehouse or a reliable seed bank, the ideal seeds for your grow operation will be feminized. Feminized cannabis seeds are often considered the holy grail of weed production because they can produce pounds and pounds of herb, while saving you money on grow room equipment.

It is quite simple – female cannabis plants do not require males to reproduce as most sexually-reproducing plants do; instead, they pollinate each other easily and efficiently. If you purchase 100% autoflowering seeds from a trusted source, such as Plenty Seeds for instance, you are assured a true female-only grow cycle that does not need to be complicated by male input.

Where to Get Feminized Seeds?

If you have been looking for feminized seeds, you will find that a number of traditional cannabis seed banks offer them. Their website will usually have a tab that allows you to filter the available seeds by sex. Make sure that when ordering, the vendor can provide legal and discreet shipping in order to make sure that your purchase remains private.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?. If you didn’t know, autoflowering cannabis seeds can also be bought online. A lot of people have no idea what these seeds have to offer or how they work, but if you are a beginner looking for your first plant at home and wish to experiment growing it from seed, autoflowers are your best option.

These seeds are one of the easiest types to grow from seed as well as one of the shortest growers… You can find feminized seeds at many plant shops. Many discriminating cannabis cultivators choose to grow they’re own plants from a feminized seed because with the right techniques, these seeds produce only female plants.

You’ll also want to think about the environmental impact of living in an area that doesn’t allow growing plants outdoors or you don’t have access to a green house due to being part of a government program such as a low-income housing development.

Different Types of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Although they come with some drawbacks, feminized seeds deter unwanted elements in a growing environment and make them much more efficient. Furthermore, they prevent males from breeding with females which can be a serious problem in areas where cannabis is illegal.

Feminized seeds are typically made by crossing a rich, indica-dominant phenotype female with a male low THC variety. If the new grower adds extra care to sustaining this descent plant, she should be able to produce at least just as strong of flower as her non-femininated counterparts and end up producing better quality buds overall.

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Although there might be some setbacks when dealing in feminized seeds, via the use of auto-feminization technology it is fairly easy to eliminate almost all of them. If you do plan on growing these seeds, I’d recommend starting out with a high quality strain that is easier to clone and does not have as much suspense associated with it.

Feminized seeds can go a long way in the right hands. Enjoy! Just like no other aspect of the cannabis industry, feminized seeds are a hot topic that elicits both excitement and stigma. The roots of this cultivation method dates back to the 1990s when it first started being used by clandestine farms in Canada.

During this time, growers found that in order to prevent male plants from pollinating female plants it would be advantageous to keep plants female as long as possible so it reduces the need for constant pruning.


It seems that feminized seeds have greatly helped growers eliminate the need for males in crops, but this comes with some risks as well. One risk is that plants will begin to grow too close together and the auto-flowering behavior could be too strong.

They can also show a shortage of nutrients during flowering stages because they don’t need male plants to pollinate them. These risks are manageable, but it will take time for them to sort themselves out into accepted norms of growing.

This is true of any new technology, though. Using these special seeds with 13 “male” chromosomes results in female plants every time – produce a crop without males. Sexually mature and ready to harvest in 8 weeks or less – cut years off your current growth system.

High germination rates – almost guarantee success . Resistant to bugs and mildew – just like your current crop. From germination to complete harvest, the only time you’ll have to tend your plants is when adding or taking away fertilizer or water.

In Colorado, where most of the research is being done (such as Craig Jones’ work at Colorado State University) and where commercial marijuana is legal for medical purposes, there are multiple reasons for using this technique.

One big one involves economics; right now there’s just not a big profit in marijuana operations compared to other industries in Colorado.

If a grower can make three crops every year, instead of just one crop like traditional greenhouses and indoor operations allow, that means more money for that grower – not only are more poops getting planted the same space more often, but the ones grown outside will bring many times more than the indoor ones.

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