Harlequin Strain Overview

Welcome, friends, to a mesmerizing dance of flavors and effects as we delve into the world of Harlequin, a rare and captivating strain. With its low THC and high CBD content, this sativa-dominant hybrid leaves you uplifted and focused, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief without sacrificing energy. Join me on this thrilling adventure as we explore the colorful tapestry of genetics, flavors, and benefits that make Harlequin a true masterpiece.

Harlequin Strain Genetics

Ah, Harlequin, a bewitching blend of heritage and craftsmanship! This sativa-dominant hybrid weaves an intricate web of diverse genetics, a thrilling concoction of Colombian Gold, Nepali Indica, Thai, and Swiss Landrace strains. This unique fusion grants Harlequin its distinct low THC, high CBD profile, making it perfect for those seeking calming yet energizing effects.

History and Origins

Once upon a time, Harlequin was but a twinkle in the eye of Mr. Green, a master breeder from the House of David Collective. Inspired by the desire to create a strain rich in CBD and therapeutic potential, Mr. Green embarked on a journey to source exotic landrace strains from the far reaches of the globe. Colombian Gold from the lush mountains of South America, Thai Landrace from the vibrant fields of Thailand, Swiss Landrace from the snow-capped Swiss Alps, and the soothing Nepali Indica all contributed to Harlequin’s complex lineage.


The magic of Harlequin began when Mr. Green combined the sweet, earthy musk of Colombian Gold with the spicy herbal essence of the Nepali Indica. This union gave rise to a robust hybrid with a balanced indica/sativa ratio. The dance continued as the resulting strain was then crossed with the energetic Thai Landrace, bestowing Harlequin with its focused, uplifting effects. Finally, the enchanting Swiss Landrace was introduced to the mix, imbuing Harlequin with its rare, elevated CBD content.

And so, Harlequin was born, a beguiling mosaic of flavors and effects that has captured the hearts of cultivators and enthusiasts alike. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to experience the captivating allure of Harlequin for yourself!

Strain Profile

Let us paint a vivid picture of Harlequin, a fascinating strain that boasts a vibrant symphony of flavors, aromas, and effects. From its enchanting appearance to its complex terpene profile, this sativa-dominant hybrid offers a sensory experience like no other.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

A visual delight, Harlequin’s dense, forest-green nugs are adorned with a mosaic of orange pistils and a glittering trichrome blanket. The strain’s earthy musk teases the senses, entwined with spicy, herbal notes that beckon you closer.

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When it comes to flavor, Harlequin waltzes across the palate, leaving behind a trail of woody, spicy, and sweet nuances. This captivating dance of tastes is enriched by the strain’s unique terpene profile, led by myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

Strain Flavors

  • Spicy/Herbal: A bold, invigorating twist that commands attention, courtesy of caryophyllene.
  • Woody: A rich, grounding foundation that resonates with the natural warmth of pinene.
  • Mango: A tantalizing, fruity whisper, adding a playful sweetness to the mix, a gift from the terpene myrcene.

Primary Aromas

  • Earthy: A comforting embrace, reminiscent of a walk through a dense forest.
  • Spicy: An alluring kick that piques the curiosity, fueled by the presence of caryophyllene.
  • Herbal: A soothing undertone that weaves through the aroma, lending a sense of familiarity and depth.

Harlequin Strain Effects

Embrace the uplifting, focused energy that Harlequin bestows upon its users. This sativa-dominant hybrid, with its elevated CBD content, delivers a calming yet energizing experience, easing anxiety and stress while keeping you alert and ready to face the day.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth: A common, mild discomfort that can be managed with frequent sips of water.
  • Dry Eyes: A temporary sensation that can be alleviated with over-the-counter eye drops.
  • Nausea: A rare, mild side effect that may be experienced by some users; ginger tea can help settle the stomach.
  • Headaches: An infrequent, manageable side effect that can be lessened by staying hydrated and taking over-the-counter pain relief if necessary.

So, my fellow adventurers, prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other! Unleash the power of Harlequin and allow its vibrant tapestry of flavors, aromas, and effects to sweep you off your feet.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes Lab Data

Delve into the complex world of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the Harlequin strain, where a treasure trove of chemical compounds unite to create its signature effects and potential therapeutic benefits.

Primary Cannabinoids

Harlequin’s cannabinoid profile is dominated by two key players: THC and CBD. Together, they orchestrate a harmonious balance between psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects.

THC Content

Harlequin’s THC content typically hovers around 5-10%, a lower concentration compared to more potent strains. This modest THC level contributes to the strain’s gentle, subtle effects, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a mild, clear-headed experience.

CBD Content

What sets Harlequin apart is its impressive CBD content, which often ranges between 10-15%. This elevated CBD concentration offers potential therapeutic benefits, such as pain relief and anxiety reduction, without the overwhelming psychoactive effects typically associated with high-THC strains.

Primary Terpenes

  • Myrcene: A key component of Harlequin’s unique profile, myrcene is known for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Pinene: This terpene adds a refreshing, invigorating touch to the strain’s aroma, and may provide potential benefits such as increased alertness and improved memory.
  • Caryophyllene: A spicy, peppery terpene that contributes to Harlequin’s distinct flavor, caryophyllene is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
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Medical Applications

Harlequin’s remarkable CBD-to-THC ratio lends itself to a myriad of potential medical applications, offering relief and solace to those in need.

Conditions Harlequin Strain Helps With

  • Anxiety: The strain’s calming and relaxing effects make it a popular choice for individuals seeking to quell anxiety and stress.
  • Pain Relief: Harlequin’s elevated CBD content may help alleviate body pain, muscle pain, and headaches.
  • Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of its terpenes, such as myrcene and caryophyllene, can provide relief to those struggling with inflammation.
  • Mood Disorders: The uplifting, energizing nature of Harlequin may assist in improving mood and combating symptoms of depression.

Embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with Harlequin, a strain that marries the best of both worlds: a gentle, uplifting experience coupled with potent therapeutic potential. Seize the opportunity to transform your well-being and embrace the calming, energizing essence of this remarkable strain.

Growing Harlequin Strain

Cultivating the Harlequin strain can be a rewarding endeavor for both novice and experienced growers alike. With a little patience and attention to detail, you’ll be able to nurture this versatile plant to its full potential, reaping the benefits of its exceptional CBD content.


When growing Harlequin indoors, it’s essential to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. Aim for a temperature range of 68-80°F (20-27°C) and a humidity level between 40-50%. A well-ventilated environment is also crucial to prevent mold and mildew. Lighting is a critical factor in the growth and development of Harlequin plants, so ensure your setup includes powerful, full-spectrum grow lights, ideally using LED or high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs.


If you prefer to cultivate Harlequin outdoors, this strain thrives in a Mediterranean-like climate with ample sunlight and mild temperatures. A nutrient-rich, well-draining soil is ideal for optimal growth. Planting time is best during late spring, once the risk of frost has passed. Harlequin plants are naturally resistant to pests and mold, making them a relatively low-maintenance choice for outdoor cultivation.

Flowering Time

The average flowering time for Harlequin is around 8-9 weeks when grown indoors. For outdoor growers, expect to harvest your plants in early to mid-October.


Harlequin is known for producing large yields, particularly when given ample room to grow. Indoor growers can expect a yield of approximately 21-25 ounces per square meter, while outdoor cultivators may see an even more generous yield of 25-30 ounces per plant.

Embrace the challenge of growing Harlequin, a strain whose exceptional cannabinoid profile makes it a worthwhile addition to any garden. With careful attention to its growth requirements and ideal conditions, you’ll be rewarded with a bountiful harvest of calming, energizing buds. Embark on your Harlequin cultivation journey and experience the satisfaction of nurturing this remarkable strain from seed to harvest.

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Strains Similar to Harlequin

  • Cannatonic: Like Harlequin, Cannatonic is known for its high CBD content and relatively low THC levels, offering calming and uplifting effects without an intense psychoactive high. Flavor-wise, Cannatonic has a more earthy and citrusy profile compared to Harlequin’s spicy and fruity notes.
  • Blue Dream: A popular hybrid strain with balanced effects, Blue Dream provides a gentle cerebral high, accompanied by full-body relaxation. Its sweet, berry-like flavors differ from Harlequin’s spicy and herbal taste.
  • Devils Lettuce: This indica-dominant hybrid provides a powerful body high with a sense of euphoria, making it suitable for relaxation and pain relief. Its flavor profile consists of sweet and earthy notes, contrasting Harlequin’s spicier and woodier flavors.
  • Green Crack: A sativa-dominant strain, Green Crack delivers an energetic and uplifting high, making it an excellent daytime option. Its flavors are fruity and tangy, differing from the spicy and herbal profile of Harlequin.
  • Pennywise: Like Harlequin, Pennywise is a high-CBD strain that helps users experience relief from pain and anxiety without strong psychoactive effects. Its flavor profile includes sweet, earthy, and coffee-like notes, compared to Harlequin’s spicy and woody flavors.
  • Purple Haze: A sativa-dominant strain, Purple Haze induces an energetic and creative high, with a mild body buzz. Its flavor profile consists of sweet, berry, and grape notes, contrasting Harlequin’s more earthy and spicy taste.


Harlequin is a unique strain, revered for its exceptional CBD content and low THC levels. Offering a wide range of benefits, from pain relief to anxiety management, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a popular choice for both recreational and medical users. With its spicy and herbal flavors, Harlequin stands out among other strains, providing a soothing, energizing, and uplifting experience without an intense high.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Harlequin strain get you high?

Harlequin has low THC levels, resulting in a mild high that allows users to remain focused and clear-headed, while still enjoying the relaxing effects.

How does Harlequin strain make you feel?

Harlequin delivers a calming, energizing, and uplifting sensation, helping users stay focused and alert without feeling overwhelmed.

Is Harlequin strain good for sleep?

While Harlequin can help with relaxation, it is not specifically known for its sedative effects. It may be suitable for evening use, but other strains with higher indica content are better suited for sleep.

Does Harlequin help with anxiety?

Yes, Harlequin is known for its anxiety-relieving properties, thanks to its high CBD content and low THC levels.

Is Harlequin strain a sativa or indica?

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with an approximate 75% sativa and 25% indica ratio.

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