Ice Cream Cake Seeds: High Yield and Fast Flowering Cannabis

Indulge in heavenly flavors of our Ice Cream Cake seeds. Perfect cannabis for those looking for a delicious, sweet, and relaxing smoke.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Details

  • This strain is cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, with 75% indica and 25% sativa genetic makeup.
  • THC levels range from 19% to 23%, with CBD below 2%.
  • Plant is known for its high height and flowering time of 53 to 63 days.
  • Grow difficulty is moderate
  • Indoor yield range from 1.6 to 1.8 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor yield range from 19 to 21 oz per plant.
  • Strain prefers warm climates
  • ice Cream Cake is known for its sweet, earthy, citrus, and vanilla flavors.
  • Effects of this strain include feelings of relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness.

Growing Details

Climate and Temperature

When it comes to growing this specific strain, it is essential to remember that it prefers warm climates, and ideal temperature range is between 70-80°F.


Lighting should be intense, with a preference for full-spectrum LED or HID lights.

Soil and Nutrients

Ideal soil for this strain is a well-draining, nutrient-rich mix, and regular fertilization is recommended.

Training and Pruning

Training and pruning techniques such as low-stress training and topping can help to increase yield.

Pests and Diseases

This strain is relatively resistant to common pests and diseases. Still, monitoring for mold or mildew in humid conditions is crucial.

Personal Experience

Having some expertise when growing this strain is essential, and personal experience with growing from cannabis seeds would be beneficial.

Ice Cream Cake Seeds Grow Guide

The name “Ice Cream Cake” is connected to the heavy coating of trichomes, which are present on the buds of this hybrid strain. Its leaves resemble dense and sugary confections, with long, slim calyxes that elongate to a lengthy length. The plant’s phenotype is a polyhybrid that’s 75% indica and 25% sativa. Its compact vegetative structure and dense buds make it look more like a sativa hybrid.

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The Ice Cream Cake Cannabis plant can produce up to 35,3 oz (1000 grams) of cannabis. This cannabis plant requires a sunny location, a nutrient-rich substrate, and ample sunlight. Its flavor resembles vanilla ice cream, with a truffle undertone. The Cannabis Seeds Grow Guide suggests waiting at least 60 days after changing the photoperiod to get a more awake effect.

This cannabis strain is highly popular in the US and Canada. This indica-dominant strain has excellent yield potential and is packed with THC and various terpenes. This guide is full of essential tips for growing this strain. The Seeds Grow Guide contains detailed strain profiles, cultivation tips, and where to buy the seeds. It will help you create a high-quality cannabis plant that’s delicious and high-yielding.

Despite the high price of this strain, it is well-worth the wait. Its unique leaves feature jagged edges and are incredibly distinctive. In addition to a low price tag, this strain has the potential to produce up to 500 grams of buds per plant. The buds are dense, with purple and forest green hues. The Ice Cream Cake Seeds Grow Guide highlights several factors to consider before starting your new cannabis plants.

The Ice Cream Cake Strain has an indica dominant trait. Its effect is powerful and almost immediate. The user can expect to feel sleepy and euphoric. The effects of Ice Cream Cake are often described as relaxing, but it’s important to note that it is not suitable for all climates. Therefore, it’s recommended to grow it indoors. You’ll need to experience some growing to get a high yield.

Flowering Time For Ice Cream Cake Strain

Growing cannabis from seed is not an easy task, but it is possible with the Ice Cream Cake strain. This cannabis strain grows fast and produces dense buds with sweet aromas. Its flavor is very similar to that of an ice cream cake, with notes of sugar cake dough and vanilla. This strain produces a heavy high with a relaxing effect. If you want to grow this cannabis variety, the following are some tips to consider:

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This cannabis strain grows quickly, reaching peak potency in just eight to 10 weeks. The plant’s structure is indica-dominant with a sativa dominant component. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but indoor growers will benefit from climate control, which will improve yield, trichome production, and bag appeal. Ice Cream Cake needs temperatures between 65degF and 85degF to flower well. However, it can grow outdoors at temperatures up to 80degF. This strain will need cooler temperatures to produce purple buds. Flowering time for Ice Cream Cake Strain Seeds is between eight and 10 weeks, depending on your growing conditions.

The Ice Cream Cake strain requires plenty of sunlight and ample substrate to flower properly. The plant will need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. This hybrid should be trimmed by mid-September. If you’re growing it indoors, you can expect the flowering time to be around eight weeks. If you’re growing it outdoors, the Ice Cream Cake will flower in mid-October. This cannabis strain is perfect for growers who want a marijuana plant that looks like an ice cream.

The Ice Cream Cake strain has a complex flavor profile. This strain is a mix of Wedding Cake, Gelato 33, and Dream Cookie. Its high THC content makes it a great choice for those who want a potent, relaxing experience. While it’s relatively easy to grow, it requires some growing experience to achieve its full potential. This strain is great for beginner to intermediate gardeners, but is difficult to cultivate indoors.

Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Plant

If you are planning to grow cannabis indoors, you should consider purchasing Ice Cream Cake cannabis plant seeds. These seeds will grow fast and can reach the peak of potency in eight to ten weeks. The plant requires light and good airflow to grow and flower. It also produces a sweet taste and is known to help you relax. This cannabis strain is great for growing indoors, but it should not be grown outdoors if you do not have the proper environment for it.

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The ice cream flavor of Ice Cream Cake is not only tasty but also therapeutic. It can relieve depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. It can also increase appetite, which is a nice side effect for many people. It is the perfect cannabis strain for nighttime use! The ice cream flavor is also a plus, as women crave sweets during their periods. The cannabis strain is a natural appetite enhancer and can be used to treat many health conditions.

The buds of Ice Cream Cake are dense, teardrop-shaped and covered with thick orange hairs. This cannabis strain has an appealing aroma of vanilla and sweet, earthy notes. It is best grown indoors, as it can be sensitive to high humidity. Once grown, this cannabis strain will produce buds with the perfect flavor profile for an enjoyable experience. You will find yourself coming back for more. The ice cream flavor is not only delicious, but also addictive.

The Ice Cream Cake strain is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. It thrives in hot climates but requires proper air circulation and relative humidity levels to grow properly. If you choose to grow your cannabis plants indoors, this strain can take eight to nine weeks to flower. Indoors, it produces about 17oz/m2. Outdoors, the Ice Cream Cake strain produces around 19 to 21oz per plant and can be harvested in early to mid-October.

Unlike other strains, Ice Cream Cake cannabis plant seeds are easy to germinate. The seeds germinate in three days if grown in the right conditions. They grow medium-sized and are ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks. This feminized strain is a dependable source of marijuana plant seeds. They grow to a medium height, but can be grown indoors as well. If you are serious about growing marijuana, make sure you choose Ice Cream Cake feminized cannabis plant seeds.

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