• Genetics: original Skunk # 1 x Afgani Indica
  • Genotype: Dominant Indica
  • Manufacturer: 4:20 Seeds
  • Height: 60-80 cm
  • THC: 22-25%
  • Productivity: 450-700 g / m2
  • Flowering period: 60-70 days

Price for 10 seeds: 49.99$


The loud name of the LSD variety is not a marketing ploy, this genotype really stands out from the rest of the hybrids. This strain was first developed by Barney’s Farm. Its parental strains are world famous as examples of classic marijuana and, strictly speaking, deserve a separate article, but we will describe them only briefly:

  • Skunk # 1 is the first Dutch hybrid created back in 1978. Skunk # 1 pedigree consists of Mexican and Colombian sativas, which were weighted with Afghan indica. Although 40 years have passed, Skunk is still considered one of the strongest cannabis strains in terms of effect.
  • Mazar is a fragrant, stunningly resinous indica from the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Mazar is famous for its almost complete plant identity. It is also an ideal base for making hashish. 


The effect lasts about 2-3 hours. Although the action is highly individual, the common characteristic of these cedar-flavored inflorescences is the stimulation of brain activity. The first 30-50 minutes, most users note some revival and thirst for activity, communication. So the initial wave of a LSD trip is to increase your concentration. What’s next?

The next hour and a half is almost always marked by a strong relaxation of the muscles. This is an hour of silence: people tend to withdraw into themselves and often, if the situation is favorable, they rethink many issues of their lives. Before consuming such powerful cones, it is recommended to turn off your phone and take a location where you are not threatened by the appearance of sober people in front of whom you would have to pretend to be one of them.


This hybrid, like yin and yang, combines the best of indica and sativa. Psychological problems such as panic disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder and depressive-manic disorder cannot always be cured, but cannabis LSD can definitely help.

The strain is also effective against headache, postoperative pain. Reduces blood pressure, helps to tolerate heat more easily, relieves nausea and helps to fall asleep. Relaxing properties of LSD eliminate muscle spasms, cramps, hypertonicity. Significantly improves the condition of people suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis. 

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