• Genetics: Hemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush
  • Genotype: Dominant Indica
  • Manufacturer: Barney’s Farm
  • Height: 90-160 cm
  • THC: 17-19%
  • Productivity: 350-650 g / m2
  • Flowering period: 45-55 days

Price for 10 seeds: 69.99$


OG Kush indica is one of the most sought-after cannabis varieties in the world, and new hybrids and remakes are being created on its basis. The popularity of OG Kush among medical and recreational users, as well as professional growers and gourmets, is explained by the exceptional performance of this rare strain: “greasy” amount of resin, the signature fuel shade in the scent (inherited from Chemdawg) and the killer stone effect. OG Kush from the renowned Dutch seedbank Barney’s Farm is able to pleasantly surprise the most demanding enthusiast!


The mothers from whom these seeds of OJ Kush were taken had a branched and strong structure that allowed them to hold the weight of massive stakes. The plants perfectly adapted to indoor and outdoor conditions, thanks to Pakistani genetics (from Hindu Kush) they tolerated hot weather well, showed a rather lush yield level (on average 350 – 500 g per plant). The scent of OG Kush is quite intense and, in addition to the basic earthy tone and fuel tones, it also has a slight citrus flavor. In the open field, the plants matured by mid to late September.


These dense inflorescences are impressive not only in appearance, their smell clearly speaks of a powerful effect, and when smoking, it occurs in 4-5 minutes, enveloping the brain in a dense fog. Helps to cope with hot days and evenings easier, relieves headaches and muscle tension, eliminates insomnia and nausea, stimulates appetite. This effect is most pleasant in the evening, alone or in a quiet company. A small fraction of the sativa genes encourages concentration – some musicians like to retire to the studio with a bong, OG Kush and an instrument. The effect lasts up to 2 hours.

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