Ice Cream Cake Strain Overview

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Ice Cream Cake strain, a luscious and indulgent cannabis variety that has captured the hearts and minds of connoisseurs everywhere. This delightful fusion of flavor and potent effects, woven together in a sweet symphony of relaxation, has made Ice Cream Cake a fan favorite in the diverse cannabis landscape. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the delectable secrets of this irresistible strain.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Genetics

Delving into the genetic tapestry of Ice Cream Cake, one discovers a masterful blend of two exceptional parent strains: Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. This delightful combination weaves together the dessert-like qualities and potent effects of its lineage, resulting in a euphoric and relaxing indica dominant hybrid that has enchanted cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

History and Origins

Ice Cream Cake’s mysterious lineage can be traced back to the mad scientist genetics of Bakersfield, California. Its dessert-like profile is a testament to the craftsmanship of its breeders, who artfully combined Wedding Cake’s buttery sweetness and Gelato #33’s vanilla creaminess. Wedding Cake, a child of Triangle Mints and Triangle Kush, shares its lineage with strains like Dream Cookie and Cheese Cake. On the other hand, Gelato #33, a renowned phenotype of the Gelato family, boasts a 75/25 indica/sativa mix, bestowing Ice Cream Cake with its calming and sedating effects.


The alchemy of creating Ice Cream Cake involved the skillful fusion of Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake strains, resulting in a harmonious balance of flavor, aroma, and potency. By selecting the most desirable traits from each parent strain, breeders crafted a cannabis variety that showcases a creamy, cheesy flavor with a sweet nuttiness, light pungent aroma, and vanilla-scented terpenes. The calming effects and high THC levels inherited from its indica dominant heritage make Ice Cream Cake a perfect companion for evening relaxation, while its cerebral push imparts a mental burst of energy, creating a dreamy experience for its users.

Strain Profile

Strain Profile

The Ice Cream Cake strain is an exquisite cannabis variety that boasts a harmonious blend of delightful flavors, enchanting aromas, and potent effects, making it a sought-after choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Ice Cream Cake features grape-shaped nugs with a forest green color, accentuated by vibrant orange hairs and a generous dusting of frosty white crystal trichomes. Its buds emanate a light pungent aroma, with a delightful interplay of vanilla-scented, cookie-cheese goodness that captivates the senses.

Strain Flavors

  1. Vanilla: A velvety, smooth vanilla flavor is the star of this strain, reminiscent of indulging in a scoop of ice cream.
  2. Butter: A rich, buttery taste adds depth to the overall flavor profile, evoking the sensation of biting into a moist piece of cake.
  3. Sweet Nuttiness: A subtle, sweet nuttiness complements the creamy vanilla and butter flavors, providing a satisfying and well-rounded taste experience.
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Primary Aromas

  1. Vanilla: The dominant scent of vanilla in Ice Cream Cake’s aroma invokes a mouthwatering dessert-like fragrance.
  2. Cookie-Cheese: A unique cookie-cheese aroma adds complexity to the scent profile, enticing users with its rich, savory notes.
  3. Citrus and Herbs: Subtle hints of citrus and herbs provide a refreshing contrast, cutting through the sweetness and adding depth to the overall aroma.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Effects

The Ice Cream Cake strain offers users a dreamy experience characterized by a cerebral push that fosters happiness, easiness, and positivity. Its calming and sedating effects make it an ideal evening companion, providing a relaxing body high that can lull users into a couch-locked state of sedation. While the mental burst of energy it delivers may result in unfocused bodily sensations, Ice Cream Cake remains a top choice for those seeking relief from stress, pain, and anxiety.

Possible Side Effects

  1. Dry Mouth: Ice Cream Cake may cause dry mouth, which can be managed by staying hydrated and using sugar-free lozenges or gum.
  2. Dry Eyes: This strain might lead to dry, irritated eyes. Over-the-counter eye drops can provide relief.
  3. Dizziness: Some users may experience dizziness, particularly when consuming higher doses. Start with a lower dose and gradually increase as needed to avoid this side effect.
  4. Paranoia: In rare cases, Ice Cream Cake may trigger feelings of paranoia, particularly in those sensitive to THC. Opt for a strain with lower THC levels or consume in smaller amounts to minimize this risk.
Cannabinoids and Terpenes Lab Data

Cannabinoids and Terpenes Lab Data

The Ice Cream Cake strain is known for its robust cannabinoid and terpene profile, contributing to its potent effects and unique flavor and aroma characteristics.

Primary Cannabinoids

The Ice Cream Cake strain is distinguished by its dominant THC and CBD content, which play a significant role in shaping its therapeutic and recreational properties.

THC Content

Ice Cream Cake typically boasts a THC content in the mid-20s percentage range, making it a potent option for cannabis users. This high THC level is responsible for the strain’s powerful psychoactive effects, offering users a cerebral push that fosters happiness, relaxation, and sedation.

CBD Content

While CBD content in the Ice Cream Cake strain is relatively low, it still contributes to the strain’s overall therapeutic potential. CBD is known for its potential medical applications, including alleviating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia, among other symptoms.

Primary Terpenes

The Ice Cream Cake strain is characterized by a rich terpene profile, which includes the following prevalent terpenes:

  1. Caryophyllene: This dominant terpene contributes a spicy, peppery aroma to the strain, and is known for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits.
  2. Limonene: Limonene imparts a citrusy scent and flavor to the Ice Cream Cake strain, and is associated with uplifting and stress-relieving effects.
  3. Linalool: Known for its floral, lavender-like aroma, linalool potentially offers calming and relaxing properties, making it a valuable addition to the strain’s sedating effects.

These primary terpenes, along with the Ice Cream Cake strain’s unique blend of cannabinoids, create a synergistic effect that enhances the overall cannabis experience for users. The strain’s distinctive flavor and aroma profile, coupled with its potent therapeutic potential, make it a popular choice for both recreational and medical cannabis consumers.

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Medical Applications

The Ice Cream Cake strain has gained popularity for its potential medical benefits, which can be attributed to its potent combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. This strain is known for its sedating and calming effects, making it a suitable option for patients seeking relief from various symptoms and conditions.

Conditions Ice Cream Cake Strain Helps With

The Ice Cream Cake strain is reported to help with the following medical conditions or symptoms:

  1. Chronic Pain: Its high THC content and anti-inflammatory properties from caryophyllene may provide relief from persistent pain associated with conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.
  2. Insomnia: The sedating effects of Ice Cream Cake can help users fall asleep more easily, making it an ideal choice for those struggling with sleep disorders.
  3. Anxiety: The calming effects of the strain, along with the presence of linalool and limonene, can potentially alleviate anxiety and stress.
  4. Depression: The euphoric and mood-enhancing properties of Ice Cream Cake can help to combat negative thoughts and promote a sense of happiness and positivity.
  5. Appetite Loss: This strain is known to stimulate appetite, making it beneficial for patients dealing with appetite loss due to medical treatments or certain conditions.
  6. Nausea: The strain may help to mitigate nausea, making it a useful option for patients undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments that cause nausea as a side effect.

Overall, the Ice Cream Cake strain offers a range of potential medical applications for patients in need of relief from various symptoms. Its unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes can provide a holistic approach to managing these conditions while also providing an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain

Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain

The Ice Cream Cake strain is known for its medium-tall growth and relatively easy cultivation process. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, this indica dominant hybrid offers large yields of high-quality flowers, making it an attractive choice for growers of various skill levels.


Growing Ice Cream Cake indoors allows for greater control over environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting. The ideal temperature range for this strain is between 70-80°F, with a humidity level of 40-50%. A combination of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or full-spectrum LED lights will provide the necessary light intensity for optimal growth. Make sure to monitor and adjust lighting, temperature, and humidity as needed to maintain a healthy environment for your plants.


When growing Ice Cream Cake outdoors, it’s essential to plant in a climate with a warm, sunny, and Mediterranean-like atmosphere. Well-draining soil, rich in organic matter, will provide the necessary nutrients for optimal growth. The best time to plant Ice Cream Cake outdoors is in late spring or early summer, ensuring that the plants have ample time to mature before the first frost.

Flowering Time

The average flowering time for Ice Cream Cake is approximately 8-9 weeks. When grown indoors, you can expect the plants to flower around this timeframe, while outdoor-grown plants may flower a bit later, depending on the specific climate and weather conditions.


Ice Cream Cake strain is known for its large yield. Indoor growers can expect a medium-large harvest of around 1.6-2 ounces per square foot. Outdoor growers can anticipate even larger yields, with plants potentially producing over 2 ounces per square foot, depending on the growing conditions and care provided throughout the plant’s life cycle.

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By adhering to the ideal conditions and providing proper care, Ice Cream Cake can be a rewarding strain for growers looking to cultivate a high-quality, potent, and flavorful crop.

Strains Similar to Ice Cream Cake

  • Ice Cream Runtz: A hybrid strain with a balanced high, offering both mental stimulation and physical relaxation. Its flavor profile features a blend of fruity and creamy notes, making it a slightly sweeter alternative to Ice Cream Cake.
  • Birthday Cake Kush: An indica dominant hybrid with relaxing and sedating effects. Its flavor profile leans more towards sweet vanilla and earthy undertones, offering a similar dessert-like experience as Ice Cream Cake.
  • Wedding Cake: A close relative of Ice Cream Cake, this indica dominant hybrid also provides calming and euphoric effects. Its flavor profile features a mix of vanilla, earth, and spices, making it a suitable alternative for those who enjoy the taste of Ice Cream Cake.
  • Gelato: A well-balanced hybrid strain known for its uplifting and relaxing effects. Its flavor profile consists of sweet, fruity, and creamy notes, making it a slightly different but still enjoyable alternative to Ice Cream Cake.
  • Platinum Cake: An indica dominant hybrid with a strong body high and soothing effects. Its flavor profile includes a blend of sweet, earthy, and berry flavors, offering a different twist on the dessert-like experience of Ice Cream Cake.
  • Ice Cream Cake X Kush Mints: A cross between Ice Cream Cake and Kush Mints, this hybrid strain combines the best of both worlds. It features a well-rounded high, with both relaxing and uplifting effects. Its flavor profile incorporates sweet, minty, and creamy notes, making it a unique alternative to Ice Cream Cake.


Ice Cream Cake is a unique indica dominant hybrid strain, known for its sedating and calming effects, making it ideal for night-time use. With its dessert-like flavor profile and strong lineage, it offers a delightful experience for both recreational and medical users. Its potential benefits include pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep, making it a versatile choice for various needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ice Cream Cake a sativa or indica?

Ice Cream Cake is an indica dominant hybrid strain, with a 75/25 indica/sativa mix.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain strong?

Yes, Ice Cream Cake is considered a strong strain, with mid-20s THC levels, providing potent effects for users.

Is Ice Cream Cake an upper or downer?

Ice Cream Cake is more of a downer, as its effects are primarily sedating and calming, making it a good choice for relaxation and nighttime use.

What kind of high is Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake provides a relaxing body high, with a couch-locked state of sedation, coupled with a sense of pure happiness and ease.

What are the effects of Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake offers various effects, including relaxation, euphoria, sedation, and relief from negative or racing thoughts. It is particularly suitable for evening use, promoting a sense of calm and helping users unwind.

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