Strawberry Kush Strain Overview

Strawberry Kush, a delightful harmony of fruity sweetness and powerful relaxation. This popular hybrid strain brings together the best of both worlds, enticing users with its tantalizing aroma and bold effects. Get ready to dive into a world of strawberry fields and Kush valleys as we explore the ins and outs of this magnificent strain!

Strawberry Kush Strain Genetics

Born from a powerful union, Strawberry Kush inherits its delectable sweetness and soothing serenade from two iconic parent strains, Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. This hybrid combines the uplifting energy of sativa with the grounding calm of indica, creating a balanced experience for both body and mind.

History and Origins

The tale of Strawberry Kush begins with the legendary Strawberry Cough, a sativa-dominant strain known for its red hues and berry flavors that tickle the senses. Its counterpart, OG Kush, boasts a prestigious pedigree with earthy and pine notes, offering a calming and euphoric experience. Together, these two strains have crafted a masterpiece, delighting cannabis connoisseurs with a sedating and mentally stimulating experience perfect for daytime use.


The journey to create Strawberry Kush started with skilled breeders meticulously selecting and crossbreeding the finest Strawberry Cough and OG Kush plants. This union resulted in a strain that showcases the best of both worlds: the sweet, fruity flavors of Strawberry Cough and the relaxing, grounding effects of OG Kush. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Kush presents itself as the ideal choice for those seeking a smooth high with a touch of euphoria.

Ready to explore the captivating world of Strawberry Kush further? Join us as we delve into the strain’s unique profile, including its tantalizing appearance, aroma, and flavor, as well as its potential medical applications. Discover the magic of this exceptional strain and let it transport you to a place of relaxation and mental clarity.

Strain Profile

Delve into the enchanting world of Strawberry Kush, a strain that captivates the senses with its alluring appearance, intoxicating aroma, and irresistible flavors. This sativa-dominant hybrid brings a symphony of sensory delights that will leave you longing for more.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Strawberry Kush nugs are nothing short of mesmerizing, with their vibrant red and green hues, sprinkled generously with glistening trichomes. The buds are adorned with vivid orange pistils, a testament to their sativa genetics. The appearance alone is enough to draw you in, but it’s the aroma and flavor that truly seal the deal.

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The musky imitation strawberry taste is a sweet symphony, with earthy and spicy undertones that create a harmonious blend. The aroma is a tantalizing dance of sweet berry and citrus, with a touch of pine and herbal notes. The overall experience is a flavorful and aromatic journey that leaves an indelible impression on your palate.

Strain Flavors

  • Sweet: The sweetness of ripe strawberries entices and delights the senses.
  • Berry: This fruity flavor adds depth and complexity to the taste profile.
  • Earthy: A grounding note of earthiness balances the sweeter flavors.
  • Spicy: A hint of spice adds warmth and intrigue to the overall taste.

Primary Aromas

  • Strawberry: The sweet and fruity scent is the star of the show.
  • Citrus: A zesty touch of citrus brightens the aroma.
  • Pine: The refreshing scent of pine adds a crisp, clean note.
  • Herbal: A subtle herbal presence rounds out the scent profile.

Strawberry Kush Strain Effects

Strawberry Kush envelops its users in a cocoon of relaxation, with a smooth high that’s both mentally stimulating and physically soothing. The sativa-dominant strain offers a pleasant balance of uplifting and energizing effects, making it an ideal choice for daytime use. As a companion to ease stress, anxiety, and body pain, Strawberry Kush is a reliable ally.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry mouth: A common side effect, dry mouth can be managed by staying hydrated and using sugar-free lozenges.
  • Dry eyes: Combat this temporary discomfort with over-the-counter eye drops.
  • Paranoia: In rare cases, Strawberry Kush may trigger paranoia. Stick to lower doses and avoid if you’re prone to anxiety.
  • Dizziness: Some users may experience dizziness. To counteract this, sit down, relax, and take slow, deep breaths.
  • Hunger: A case of the munchies is easily managed with healthy snacks on hand.

Seeking relief from life’s stresses or simply looking to unwind? Immerse yourself in the world of Strawberry Kush and let it guide you on a journey of relaxation, mental clarity, and sensory delight.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes Lab Data

Dive into the rich cannabinoid and terpene profile of the Strawberry Kush strain, which reveals the secrets behind its remarkable potency, unique flavors, and potential medical applications.

Primary Cannabinoids

The Strawberry Kush strain boasts an impressive array of cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being the most prevalent and noteworthy.

THC Content

Strawberry Kush is known for its high THC content, which typically falls within the range of 18-23%. This elevated THC level is responsible for the strain’s potency, delivering a smooth high that is both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing.

CBD Content

The CBD content in Strawberry Kush is relatively low, usually hovering around 0.5-1%. Despite its modest presence, CBD can still contribute to the strain’s potential medical applications, working synergistically with THC to enhance the overall therapeutic effects.

Primary Terpenes

Strawberry Kush is a treasure trove of terpenes, which play a crucial role in shaping its unique aroma and potential therapeutic benefits. The most prevalent terpenes found in this strain are:

  • Myrcene: Known for its relaxing and sedating effects, myrcene can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Limonene: With uplifting and mood-enhancing properties, limonene can be beneficial for those suffering from depression or anxiety.
  • Caryophyllene: This terpene possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it useful for managing chronic pain and inflammation.
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Medical Applications

The Strawberry Kush strain offers a wide array of potential medical benefits, thanks to its rich cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Conditions Strawberry Kush Strain Helps With

  • Stress: The relaxing and mood-lifting properties of Strawberry Kush can help alleviate stress and promote mental well-being.
  • Anxiety: Its calming and uplifting effects can provide relief for those struggling with anxiety.
  • Pain: The combination of THC and caryophyllene in Strawberry Kush can help manage chronic pain, mild cramps, and headaches.
  • Depression: The euphoric and uplifting qualities of this strain can help improve mood and counteract depression.
  • Insomnia: The sedating effects of myrcene in Strawberry Kush may assist those who struggle with sleeplessness.
  • Appetite loss: Strawberry Kush can stimulate appetite, making it beneficial for those experiencing a loss of appetite.
  • Nausea: The antiemetic properties of cannabinoids like THC can help alleviate nausea.

Strawberry Kush is a potent and versatile strain that caters to a variety of medical needs. Explore its remarkable benefits and let this sativa-dominant hybrid become a staple in your therapeutic arsenal.

Growing Strawberry Kush Strain

Cultivating the Strawberry Kush strain can be a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers alike. By understanding its growth patterns, ideal conditions, and potential challenges, you can successfully grow this sativa-dominant hybrid in your own garden or grow room.


Growing Strawberry Kush indoors offers better control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting. Maintain a temperature range of 68-80°F (20-27°C) and a relative humidity of 40-50% during the vegetative stage, then lower it to 30-40% during the flowering phase. This strain benefits from ample light, so use high-quality LED or HPS lamps to ensure proper growth and bud development. The Sea of Green (SOG) technique works well with Strawberry Kush, as it encourages higher yields and efficient use of the growing space.


Strawberry Kush thrives outdoors in warm, sunny climates with daytime temperatures between 70-85°F (21-29°C). The strain prefers well-draining, nutrient-rich soil, which promotes strong root development and overall plant health. To maximize yield and ensure a healthy harvest, plant Strawberry Kush in early spring, after the last frost, to take advantage of the long growing season.

Flowering Time

When grown indoors, Strawberry Kush typically takes around 8-9 weeks to complete its flowering cycle. For outdoor cultivation, expect the plants to be ready for harvest in late September to early October, depending on the local climate and growing conditions.

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Strawberry Kush can produce impressive yields, especially when grown in optimal conditions. Indoor growers can expect a yield of around 1.6 ounces (450-500 grams) per square meter. Outdoor cultivation can result in a yield of up to 17-21 ounces (500-600 grams) per plant, depending on factors such as plant care, weather, and soil quality.

Strains Similar to Strawberry Kush

  • Strawberry Banana Kush: A potent indica-dominant hybrid with a relaxing and calming effect, featuring a fruity flavor profile that combines strawberry and banana notes.
  • Strawberry Cough: A sativa-dominant strain known for its uplifting and mentally stimulating effects, showcasing a strong strawberry flavor with hints of earthiness.
  • Strawberry: An evenly balanced hybrid offering relaxing and uplifting effects, characterized by a sweet and fruity strawberry flavor profile.
  • Platinum Kush: An indica-dominant hybrid with powerful sedative effects, displaying an earthy and spicy flavor profile with subtle hints of berry.
  • Strawberry Cake: An indica-dominant strain providing relaxing and euphoric effects, featuring a sweet and creamy flavor profile with notes of strawberry and vanilla.
  • Strawberry Lemonade: A sativa-dominant hybrid with uplifting and energizing effects, combining a sweet strawberry flavor with a zesty citrus twist.
  • Sour Strawberry: A balanced hybrid offering a blend of relaxing and uplifting effects, showcasing a tangy strawberry flavor with sour undertones.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: An indica-dominant strain with a calming and sedative effect, characterized by a sweet and creamy flavor profile reminiscent of strawberry dessert.
  • Strawberry Alien Kush: A balanced hybrid with relaxing and euphoric effects, displaying a fruity strawberry flavor with hints of pine and earthiness.
  • Strawberry Kush CBD: A CBD-rich version of Strawberry Kush, offering potential medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects, featuring a sweet and fruity strawberry flavor.


In summary, Strawberry Kush is a unique sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a range of effects and benefits for both recreational and medicinal users. Its enticing flavor profile, potent effects, and versatile growing conditions make it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts. With its potential to alleviate various conditions and symptoms, Strawberry Kush is a strain worth considering for those in search of a balanced cannabis experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strawberry Kush indica or sativa?

Strawberry Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a mix of uplifting and relaxing effects.

What is Strawberry Kush strain?

Strawberry Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known for its sweet, fruity flavor and a mix of relaxing and uplifting effects, making it suitable for both recreational and medicinal use.

What does Strawberry Kush strain taste like?

Strawberry Kush features a sweet and fruity strawberry flavor with subtle earthy undertones.

Is Strawberry Kush a good strain?

Yes, Strawberry Kush is a popular and well-regarded strain due to its unique flavor profile, potent effects, and versatile growing conditions. It’s suitable for both recreational and medicinal use.

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