About Us

Buy hemp and cannabis seeds quickly and reliably in the online store buyweedchain.com

Buying cannabis seeds is currently not a problem, but getting really high quality is usually not easy. Why?

  • Cheap cannabis seeds often turn out to be counterfeit, since it is impossible to distinguish high-quality varietal grain from wild hemp seeds by their appearance;
  • It is incredibly expensive to buy marijuana seeds delivered from Holland, since the majority of European producers evaluate their products based on local economic conditions (high salaries and more expensive goods / services);
  • Online hemp seed stores vary widely in reliability and integrity. Some users have happened to buy cannabis seeds in Ukraine at a fairly high price, and then find falsification;
  • Buying cannabis seeds by mail should be safe. If your provider does not guarantee anonymity, there is some risk.

Hemp seed shop buyweedchain.com has been on the market for over 5 years. Our main credo: every new client should become a regular one. Given the amount of competition, the goal is not easy and we had a tremendous amount of work to do! But now the store daily accepts and sends hundreds (!) of orders to many countries.

Our producers and top grades

The store works with leading foreign banks: Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and Jamaica. We managed to arrange the supply of goods in different price categories. 

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