Devil’s Lettuce Strain Overview

Feast your eyes on a strain that’s both sinfully delightful and heavenly to experience: the infamous Devil’s Lettuce! A renowned Indica-dominant hybrid with a rebellious streak, this strain boasts a unique blend of relaxation, mood enhancement, and flavor. So, buckle up as we explore the devilish details of this enigmatic strain.

Devil’s Lettuce Strain Genetics

Dive into the diabolical depths of the Devil’s Lettuce strain genetics, an Indica-dominant hybrid with a mischievous twinkle in its leafy eye. This strain brings together two titans of the cannabis world: Shishkaberry and Great White Shark, setting the stage for a tale of relaxation and euphoria.

History and Origins

The birth of Devil’s Lettuce can be traced back to the legendary pairing of Shishkaberry, a fruity Indica powerhouse, and Great White Shark, a potent strain known for its tranquility. These cannabis colossi danced a delicate waltz, entwining their strengths and weaknesses to give life to the magnificent Devil’s Lettuce strain. As a child of such noble lineage, Devil’s Lettuce has inherited its parents’ prowess in soothing both body and mind, making it a popular choice for medical and recreational marijuana enthusiasts alike.


Like a masterful painter, Mother Nature dipped her brush into the vibrant colors of Shishkaberry and Great White Shark, creating the masterpiece that is Devil’s Lettuce. This genetic cocktail bestows the strain with a spicy citrus and floral aroma, as well as a mouthwatering flavor profile that’s hard to resist. At its core, Devil’s Lettuce possesses a balanced fusion of 19% THC content and a symphony of terpenes, including Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool. The result? A strain that relaxes, uplifts, and enchants with every puff.

So, why not grab some Devil’s Lettuce seeds and embark on your own horticultural adventure? The world of cannabis awaits, and the Devil’s Lettuce strain is your ticket to ride.

Strain Profile

Step into the world of the Devil’s Lettuce strain, a mischievously alluring Indica-dominant hybrid with a profile that captivates the senses. From its enchanting appearance to its seductive aroma and tantalizing flavors, Devil’s Lettuce is a strain that will leave you spellbound.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The Devil’s Lettuce strain flaunts a kaleidoscope of colors, with buds adorned in deep green hues, punctuated by fiery orange pistils. Its structure is dense, boasting a generous coat of shimmering trichomes that hint at its potency. The aroma of this wicked weed is a symphony of spicy citrus and fragrant flowers, with a sweet cheese smell that’s hard to resist. As for the flavor, expect a rich, well-balanced high that lingers on the palate like a forbidden fruit.

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Strain Flavors

  1. Spicy Citrus: A zesty burst of tangy fruitiness that invigorates the senses.
  2. Floral: A delicate bouquet of blossoms that adds a touch of elegance to each puff.
  3. Sweet Cheese: A creamy, savory undertone that entices and satisfies.

Primary Aromas

  1. Spicy Citrus: A tantalizing scent of zesty fruit that awakens the senses.
  2. Floral: A fragrant whiff of blossoms that adds an air of sophistication.
  3. Sweet Cheese: A rich, savory aroma that lures you in with its decadence.

Devil’s Lettuce Strain Effects

The effects of the Devil’s Lettuce strain are akin to a dance with the devil, filled with euphoria and mood enhancement that can turn any frown upside down. This siren strain offers a relaxing and tranquil impact, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day or sharing a blissful moment with friends. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or simply looking for a mild, well-rounded high, Devil’s Lettuce is sure to deliver.

Possible Side Effects

  1. Dry Mouth: A common side effect that can be managed by staying hydrated and keeping water nearby.
  2. Dry Eyes: Easily remedied with over-the-counter eye drops or by closing your eyes for a moment of relaxation.
  3. Dizziness: A temporary sensation that can be alleviated by sitting down and taking a few deep breaths.
  4. Mild Paranoia: An uncommon effect that can be managed by consuming in moderation and choosing a comfortable setting.

So, why not indulge in the devilish delights of the Devil’s Lettuce strain? Embrace the euphoria, savor the flavors, and relish the relaxation that awaits.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes Lab Data

The Devil’s Lettuce strain beckons with its bewitching blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, weaving a potent tapestry that enchants both medical and recreational marijuana users alike. Let’s delve into the data to uncover the secrets that lie within this tantalizing strain.

Primary Cannabinoids

At the heart of the Devil’s Lettuce strain lies a robust fusion of cannabinoids, with THC and CBD taking center stage. This devilish duo creates a symphony of effects that dance on the edge between relaxation and euphoria.

THC Content

The Devil’s Lettuce strain boasts an average THC content of 19%, which lends itself to a potent and well-balanced high. This devilish delight offers a slight head change that’s perfect for those seeking a relaxed yet energetic experience.

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CBD Content

While the CBD content in the Devil’s Lettuce strain may not be as prominent as its THC counterpart, it still plays a crucial role in its medical applications. The harmonious interplay between THC and CBD gives rise to a versatile strain that caters to a wide range of therapeutic needs.

Primary Terpenes

  1. Caryophyllene: A spicy, peppery terpene that may offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
  2. Limonene: A citrusy terpene known for its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects.
  3. Linalool: A floral terpene with potential sedative and relaxing properties.

Medical Applications

The Devil’s Lettuce strain is not just a sinner’s delight, but also a healer’s friend. Its unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes offers a diverse range of medical benefits that can help alleviate various conditions.

Conditions Devil’s Lettuce Strain Helps With

  1. Anxiety: The relaxing and tranquil impact of Devil’s Lettuce can help soothe frazzled nerves.
  2. Depression: The euphoric high and mood-enhancing properties can offer a much-needed ray of sunshine.
  3. Chronic Pain: The strain’s potential analgesic effects can provide relief from persistent aches and pains.
  4. Insomnia: The calming and sedative properties can usher in a peaceful slumber.
  5. Loss of Appetite: The flavorful aroma and taste can stimulate the appetite, making it a valuable ally for those struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

So, why not give the Devil’s Lettuce strain a try? Discover its healing potential and embrace the relief it offers. Your journey to well-being starts with a single puff.

Growing Devil’s Lettuce Strain

Cultivating the Devil’s Lettuce strain requires an attentive touch and an understanding of its unique growth patterns. With patience and dedication, you can bring this enchanting Indica-dominant hybrid to life in your garden. Let’s explore the ideal conditions and potential challenges of growing this captivating strain.


When grown indoors, the Devil’s Lettuce strain thrives under controlled conditions. Aim for a temperature range of 68-77°F (20-25°C) and a humidity level between 40-50% during the vegetative stage. As the plant transitions into the flowering phase, gradually decrease the humidity to around 30-40%. Provide ample lighting with high-quality LED or HID grow lights to encourage optimal growth and flowering.


For outdoor cultivation, the Devil’s Lettuce strain prefers a Mediterranean-like climate with plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures. A rich, well-draining soil with a pH range of 6.0-7.0 is ideal for promoting healthy root development. Plant your Devil’s Lettuce seeds in late spring, allowing the plants to take advantage of the long summer days to grow and flourish.

Flowering Time

The Devil’s Lettuce strain exhibits different flowering times depending on its environment. Indoor growers can expect the flowering phase to last approximately 8-9 weeks. In contrast, outdoor plants typically reach full maturity and are ready for harvest around mid-October.

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With attentive care and proper conditions, the Devil’s Lettuce strain can reward growers with generous yields. Indoor cultivation typically produces around 1.6 ounces (45 grams) per square foot. Meanwhile, outdoor growers can expect a bountiful harvest of approximately 17 ounces (480 grams) per plant.

Eager to grow the Devil’s Lettuce strain and experience its alluring charm? Gather your marijuana seeds and embark on a horticultural adventure that will bring relaxation and tranquility to your life.

Strains Similar to Devil’s Lettuce

  • Blue Cheese: This Indica-dominant hybrid offers a relaxing and euphoric high, similar to Devil’s Lettuce. Its flavor profile consists of a sweet and savory cheese taste with notes of blueberry.
  • Mango Kush: A well-balanced hybrid strain, Mango Kush provides a happy and relaxing experience. It has a sweet, tropical mango flavor with hints of pine, making it a fruity alternative to Devil’s Lettuce.
  • LSD: With potent cerebral effects, LSD is an Indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a long-lasting, euphoric high. Its flavor profile features earthy and sweet notes, contrasting with the spicy citrus of Devil’s Lettuce.
  • Lavender: This Indica-dominant strain provides a calming, soothing high that’s perfect for relaxation. Its flavor profile is a blend of floral and herbal notes, which differs from the spicy, citrusy flavors of Devil’s Lettuce.
  • God Bud: A potent Indica-dominant hybrid, God Bud offers a powerful, relaxing high. Its flavor profile features earthy and sweet tones, providing a distinct alternative to Devil’s Lettuce.


The Devil’s Lettuce strain stands out as a unique Indica-dominant hybrid with notable effects and flavors. Boasting a genetic makeup of Shishkaberry x Great White Shark, this strain provides users with a relaxing and tranquil high. With its spicy citrus and floral aroma and flavors, it’s perfect for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, or loss of appetite. Offering a versatile experience, Devil’s Lettuce is a must-try for both medical and recreational marijuana enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Devil’s Lettuce?

Devil’s Lettuce is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Shishkaberry and Great White Shark. It is known for its relaxing and mood-enhancing effects.

Is Devil’s Lettuce indica or sativa?

Devil’s Lettuce is an Indica-dominant hybrid. This means it possesses characteristics of both Indica and Sativa strains but leans more towards the relaxing, soothing effects typically associated with Indica varieties.

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